The HyperExchange Senator Announcement Event Has Ended

On January 6, 2019, jointly organized by HX and CollinStar Capital and co-organized by, HCASH held an HX centred event. At this event held in Science Park, Hong Kong, members of HX discussed the value that their new network will bring to the Blockchain ecosystem. Members also unveiled details surrounding the upcoming Senatorial campaign.

For those who are unaware, HX is a public Blockchain that is the first of its kind to establish interconnection between different Blockchains. It does this through its original and unique RPPOM consensus mechanism and decentralized mining pool. This network, along with the HC (HyperCash) network forms the HCASH project.

Zhihui Murong, the head of operations at the molecular Blockchain centre gave the opening speech as the host of the event and expressed his support and hopes of continuous Blockchain developments from the Park.

Zhihui Murong

Kevin Chen, the CEO of CollinStar Holdings spoke about the decentralized trust that Blockchain technology provides and the direction of investment that CollinStar will be taking in the future. During his presentation, Kevin spoke highly of HX’s new consensus mechanism, stating optimistically that the initiative will help drive innovation, value and utility between alternative Blockchains.

Kevin Chen

Ryan Xu, a well-known Blockchain investor gave a concise presentation regarding the evolution of the Blockchain industry since its conception. He began with Bitcoin, discussing its initial shocks, changes, challenges and opportunities it has experienced over the past decade. He mentioned that in this industry, the only true ‘value investors’ are those who promote the industry itself, rather than individual tokens.

Ryan Xu

Xin Tong, the head of ZB Labs then spoke about her understanding and outlook on cross-chain technology. She emphasized that at present, information and value between mainstream Blockchain networks cannot interconnect, and due to this, ‘isolated Blockchain islands’ have formed, putting great limits to the application of the technology. To overcome this and to enable Blockchain value interconnection, cross-chain technology must be developed and implemented.

Xin Tong

Members of HX then retook the stage and officially unveiled their core developer, Harry. Harry then provided a comprehensive and technical overview of the project, discussing its background, technical features, core technology, ecosystem and future plans. Through injecting resources into its ecosystem from developers and through integrating resources from other chains, HyperExchange can jointly build an ‘interlinked, bifocal’ dual-token and dual-chain ecosystem with HyperCash.


HyperExchange will enable accessibility between Blockchains and non-Blockchain networks, and will provide HC holders with benefits such as increased mining power and more administrative decision-making power within the network.

In addition to the introduction and unveiling of HX’s technology and people, this conference also acted as a warm-up event for the network’s Senator campaign, which will officially begin on the 8th of February. Regarding campaign rules, Wei Xu, a strategic investment consultant from CollinStar Capital introduced the process guidelines and participation methods to the audience. Ruixi Wang, the founder of Hoo Wallet, shortly after announced their decision to run in the campaign as a potential Senator.

AnyBit, the first officially recommended third-party wallet also announced details regarding their wallet offering, and future cooperation planning with HX.

To end the presentation, the CEO of ExCraft, the founder of the Future, The aelf executive vice president, the founder of Hoo, and the founder of hot capital participated in a roundtable discussion regarding the value of cross-chain technology and future prospects for its integration.

At the event HCASH had the honour of hosting several reputable Blockchain investors, investment institutions, project representatives, developers, exchange representatives and media personnel.