Hcash weekly development update 09.11.2018-15.11.2018

The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided in two parts: completed and ongoing work.

Our GitHub code can be found here: www.github.com/HcashOrg

Please note: code is being uploaded to GitHub progressively; if you find that something from this document is missing from a repository, please check back periodically.

Completed work:



Optimised performance of Hcd p2p network layer


Added new functions to HC Omni wallet

Completed development on Asset page

Conducted tests on hcGUI Omni module

Released v. 2.1.14


Fixed the ‘data missing’ issue when data is being inserted into the database

HC Omni

Fixed the no synchronisation bug that occasionally occurs on HC Omni explorer

Edited HC Omni documents


HX core

Increased robustness of middleware

Conducted tests and fixed bugs in the new consensus scheme

Added signature verification for BTC and LTC transactions

Increased security level for ETH withdrawal process

HX Indicator

Enabled automatic authorisation by Senators for small withdrawals

Optimised voting mechanism


Added console command prompts

Fixed bugs

Ongoing work:



Develop proposal system


Optimise voting mechanism


Fix the issue of hcGUI taking up too much CPU usage

Test hcGUI for macOS systems

Release new hcGUI version (which supports HC Omni Protocol) for macOS systems


Follow up token mapping and hosting upgrade process on Changelly

Provide technical support

Prepare to launch the newly upgraded Leek Coin, which is now a HC Omni Property (HC Omni protocol token)

HC Omni

Fix the abnormal synchronisation issue that occasionally occurs on HC Omni blocks


HX core

Conduct tests and environment preparation before launching HX mainnet

HX Indicator

Conduct tests before launching HX mainnet


Add the latest UVM code to single-step debugger code

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of HCASH.