Hcash weekly development update 09.08.2018-16.08.2018

The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided in two parts: completed and ongoing work.

Our GitHub code can be found here: github.com/HcashOrg

Please note: code is being uploaded to GitHub progressively; if you find that something from this document is missing from a repository, please check back periodically.

Completed work:

HyperCash (HC)


Tested and launched the automatic swap

Fixed Nulldata script validation errors to support numbers 0–16

Increased the maximum limit of revoked ticket transactions in one block and improved its corresponding verification

Added support for the tilde symbol (~) for home path


Added support for imported accounts on the basis of exported addresses

The RPC interface for ticket purchase on wallet supports specified ticket fee

Fixed the crash issue that occasionally occurs when choosing branch wallet under a forking condition


Fixed the no-response issue that occurs when viewing the wallet log, and now users can open the folder where the log file is located

Added compile command to support GUI wallet on Win32 systems

Fixed the bug that keeps the failed transaction on the history page for a long time, by refreshing the page when re-entering the transaction history page

Fixed the bug that keeps ApiKey from being successfully added under special stakepool condition, and added wrap parameter to prevent errors when obtaining addresses

Modified translation


Fixed the inconsistency issue that appears between the home page difficulty adjustment window and the configuration file

Provided technical support to cryptocurrency exchanges for token swapping

Assisted Binance, Gate.io, CoinW and HPX to complete the HSR/HC swap process

HyperExchange (HX)

HX core

Completed ETH and ERC20 contract testing

Conducted research regarding IOTA

HX Indicator

Enabled the issuance of one-click HRC20 assets


Completed IDE initialisation setup and data access optimisation for chain switching

Implemented a background function modularity in order to separate data access and analysis from IDE

Completed repair of the file management system and added self-recovery feature that functions after deleting the top-level contract folder

Ongoing work:

HyperCash (HC)


Fixing test code

Fixing insufficient priority calculation affecting post-quantum signatures

Fixing an error; when the transaction pool is full and mining modules are being created, an error message stating “sigNum exceeds the maximum number of signature instructions” appears falsely


Fixing test code

Investigating and fixing the crash issue that appears when the wallet is reading addresses

HC Testnet PoS mining pool

Enable support for post-quantum signature addresses to participate in PoS ticket purchasing and voting


Adding an unconfirmed cost information function to the account page, making it convenient for users to understand instant balance information

Fixing incorrect separator display position on the transaction page

Fixing the incorrect balance display issue that occurs then having completed transfer


Fixing documents

Following up the token mapping and hosting upgrade process on cryptocurrency exchanges

HyperExchange (HX)

HX core

ETH transaction acquisition module testing and optimisation (modifying the storage database)

Create and add relevant documents (i.e. smart contract, API and development guides)

Rename some RPC interface type

HX Indicator

Interface optimisation

Optimise Citizen functions


Intergrade IDE single step debugger

Add breakpoint record function to CodeMirror editor

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of HCASH.