HypereExchange RC1 Testnet Release Now

With the HyperCash (HC) mainchain launched and half of the HCASH ecosystem operational, we believe that it’s time that HCASH focus its efforts more on its newer, latter half: HyperExchange (HX).

While HyperCash will provide users with features from parts of its vision including: a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, quantum resistance and the implementation of privacy preserving protocols, HyperExchange will focus more on enabling cross-chain communication and the development of dApps through smart contracts.

With that being said, the HCASH Foundation is proud to announce that the HyperExchange RC1 testnet has officially been released.

So far we’ve released HX Faucet and HX documentation, including a: Beginner’s Guide, wallet information, a HX Indicator overview and other research and development achievements.

We encourage our community to test, review and engage with this network and to contact admins if they have any suggested changes.

Overall, these two networks will create a unified HCASH ecosystem, and each will be innovated upon to reach the goal originally set by the Foundation.