Hcash Announcement Regarding Biying (www.btc018.com/) Trading Hshare Notice

Dear Hcash contributors:

At this point, we have been informed through different channels that Biying (www.btc018.com/)has already accepted deposit of Hshare and will open Hshare trading from 20:00:00 10th August, 2017 (UTC+10 Beijing time).

As a public blockchain, Hcash welcomes any exchanges to accept deposit and trading of Hshare, as we believe this will assist in an efficient circulation of Hcash tokens.

However, Hcash team advices investors to consider making small and incremental transactions to minimise potential risks especially in completely new exchanges that have few trading transactions history. All exchanges will need some time to build trusts among investors and develop expertise in improving security and risk control measures.

Hshare will be launched on more coin-to coin exchange platforms later in the month. Announcements will be released through Hcash official social media channels. Please stay tuned.