Hcash foundation participated in the Power Ledger ICO

The Hcash foundation is proud to officially announce its participation in the Power Ledger ICO, conducted through Power Ledgers’ consulting firm, DigitalX, an ASX listed blockchain technology company.

Power Ledger, a Perth-based start-up, is bringing sustainable energy to the peer-to-peer marketplace by utilizing Blockchain technology to create an immutable record of energy generation and consumption. The company aims at giving consumers the ability to buy and sell energy using an innovative peer-to-peer marketplace. For example, individuals with access to excess solar energy will have the ability to sell this generated power to others at a predetermined price. This allows for a simple, autonomous and trustworthy transfer of power.

Origin Energy, the largest buyer of wind energy in Australia recently announced a three-month trial with Power Ledger to explore the benefits and challenges of peer-to-peer energy trading across a regulated network. This event marks a historic moment as blockchain technology gradually becomes more a part of our daily lives.

As most enthusiasts know, the process and operation of initial coin offerings in Australia is beginning to formalize after ASIC launched its first round of ICO regulations last month. Power Ledger was the first ICO to be launched after the ASIC guidelines were issued. As a firm operating in this space, we’re happy with the healthy and transparent regulation being introduced that benefits firms like ours and Power Ledgers'. Overall, regulation is a good thing, and we believe that this will benefit the blockchain environment, allowing for a professional, standardized and innovative space free from fraudulent and malicious offerings.


Hcash is the first public blockchain project established in Australia, and Power Ledger is Australia’s first energy blockchain project based on the Ethereum network.