Hcash Upgraded Main Chain and the Accomplishment of Permanent Divergence

Dear Hcash Members,


Hcash’s main chain has successfully accomplished permanent divergence at 106000 blocks, on 14th September 2017, and achieved an important milestone with implementation of its new POW and POS mining system. After upgrading:


  • Hcash’s main chain has adopted POW and POS mining systems, and each mining method will have half the respective mining gains.
  • Users who have upgraded their Hcash wallet to the newest edition v2.1.0.0, can now gain POS Hcash rewards
  • In the first year, each block could bring 1.6HSR to investors, then it will gradually decrease by 0.016HSR every year for the following 99 years.
  • Hcash and Github code explanations must be carefully followed
  • Hcash remains a public chain system to maintain the integrity of the system. More information about existing major mining participants is available from our community. Currently, we have cooperated with many mining pools in China which are 91Pool (www.91pool.com), BW.com (www.bw.com), Pool BTC China (https://pool.btcchina.com/),and UUPool (uupool.cn), and you can contact us for more information.


Management has noticed that some community members have managed to develop an enhance and high-quality mining program by targeting the GPU of NVIDIA. Hcash Foundation is in negotiations of creating a sponsorship prize from the Reserve Account to award source developers in creating open-source programming to enable wide-stream development. The community members will rank the developed CPU and GPU miner software before 20th of September 2017, and the top 3 will be rewarded  3000, 1500 and 500 HSR by Hcash foundation, to additionally incentivize mining development.


We highly appreciate your long-term support and use of Hcash. Hcash teams will further focus on the development of Blockchain’s underlying technology, promoting the efficiency of social value creation in exchanges, and enhancing the communication of information and wealth through interconnectivity. In the future, Hcash teams will consistently make essential contribution to develop Hcash program and solidly promote the development of the global Blockchain industry.


Hcash Teams