Hcash wallet is upgrading

Upcoming upgrade will be smooth and seamless. For Linux users, including crypto-exchange platform, please compile the  latest version of source code to create a new version of wallet and replace the old wallet system in order to complete the upgrade.


For Windows and Mac Osx users, you can download a pre-compiled versions of latest wallet (v2.1.0.0) from github. Please take notes that you have to make sure you have backed up “wallet.dat” file from the old wallet before you use the new wallet. Run the new wallet and wait for the wallet to sync. With the integration of updated Hybrid POW+POS mining mechanism, Hcash holders will be able to participate in mining with the Hcash in their wallet and receive block rewards under POS mechanism.


For users who can download the new wallet version by themselves, transferring you assets to crypto-exchange platform is optional. Downloads the new wallet version from the link provided and open the wallet to check the balance. Wallet version upgrade completes when the balance appeared on your screen correctly.

Windows version


Mac version: