Hcash weekly development update 10.05.2019-16.05.2019

The following is a weekly progress report from the HCASH development team. This report is divided in two parts: completed and ongoing work.

Our GitHub code can be found here: www.github.com/HcashOrg

Please note: code is being uploaded to GitHub progressively; if you find that something from this document is missing from a repository, please check back periodically.

Completed work:



Completed HAILP module allocation

Designed trading type lock-up architecture


Fixed project dependent library

Released V2.1.10 for Windows

Released V2.1.10 for macOS systems

Released V2.1.10 for Debian


HX core

Run tests on BCH unit

Transplanted trading database to leveldb to reduce storage occupied by hx_node

HX Indicator

Developed Simplified Payment Verification

Modified trading depth display on K line page


Implemented debugging function adaptation to debugger on IDE under macOS systems

Compiled debugger on macOS systems

HX Tools

Upgraded to new version of HX website

Developed contract debugger on macOS systems

Developed off-chain matchmaking engine for on-chain trading

Ongoing work:



Develop HAILP Protocol

Technical support

Continue to assist with block production issues on Antpool


Prepare for new proposal


HX core

Run test after data transplantation

Run integration tests on BCH unit

HX Indicator

Run tests on Simplified Payment Verification unit


Optimise dynamic library dependency issues on debugger under macOS systems

Test and locate abnormal instruction receiving issue on debugger for macOS systems

HX Tools

Integrate dApp SDK with AnyBit API

Run tests for off-chain matchmaking engine and fix bugs

Run tests for new version of HX website and fix bugs (Progress: 80% on bug fixing)

We are grateful for the immense effort made by all contributors. Each contributor and community member is vital to the technical development of the HCASH ecosystem.