New Proposal on HC Autonomy — Significant Improvement in Mainnet Performance

To further develop HyperCash (HC) mainnet, the development team has proposed an upgrade that will improve both performance and TPS. This proposal has been published on HC Autonomy.

This proposal has been posted for community review, and voting will be open from 6:00PM on the 8th of April until 6:00PM on the 16th of April 2019 (GMT+8).

Proposal summary

The purpose of this proposal is to significantly improve the performance of the HyperCash mainnet by optimising its algorithm.

Proposal background

The HyperCash main net has been running stably since its launch. With the implementation of the HC Omni Protocol and other application protocols, HyperCash has gradually improved the performance of its mainnet and optimised its mining algorithms. Likewise, it can be expected that the performance of the HC main net will improve significantly after this proposed upgrade.

After a period of testing, the HCASH development team has managed to optimise the HC mining algorithm, increasing its TPS and block speed. The code is now ready to be released.

The upgrade will also benefit the development of HCASH AI Lightning Protocol (HAIL Protocol), which has been scheduled to complete development this year, as previously stated in the HCASH Yellow Paper and the roadmap.

Technical details

The TPS which HC will be able to achieve will increase from 333.3333 to 1,000 transactions per second after the upgrade — a total increase of 200%!

Block time will be more than halved, reaching 60 seconds (down from 150).

The block reward reduction algorithm will be also optimised. Block rewards will continue to be reduced every 12,288 blocks, the reduction function however, will be adjusted from 999/1,000 + arithmetic progression coefficient to 998/1,000 + arithmetic progression coefficient.

How to vote

Please visit the Autonomy proposal page for information and voting.

The proposal will be released on HC Autonomy for the community to review from now until 6:00PM on the 8th of April (GMT+8).

The community can vote for the proposal from 6:00PM on the 8th of April until 6:00PM on the 16th of April 2019 (GMT+8).

Note: the proposal can only be approved if the following requirements are met:

a. votes that participate in proposal voting must be more than or equal to 75% of the total amount of live tickets.

b. votes that approve the proposal must be more than or equal to 75% of the votes that participate in voting for this proposal.


HyperCash team